Book Your Freight in 6 Easy Steps


Here’s a detailed guide to explain how to book your freight with FreightExchange in 6 easy steps.

Step 1 – Get a Quick Quote

quick quote


1. Select the Item(s) you have to ship: Pallets, Cartons or Other.

2. Provide Pick-Up and Delivery Destinations and Postcodes.

3. Choose delivery address type. Not all of our carriers will pickup or deliver to Residential addresses.

4. Fork Lift available? If not we will require to provide a truck with Tail-Lift. Watch this 30 second video if you’re not sure whether you need a tail lift!

5. Provide the Date of Pick-Up (Please note that it can be EXTREMELY difficult and expensive to pick-up the goods on Weekend).

6. Please provide the Number of Items, Dimensions and Weights.

7. You have items with different Dimensions? Just click this button to add more Items.

8. Press “Get Prices” and you will get your available prices in 3 seconds.

Step 2 – Choose the option that most suits you

2. How to Instructions

1. Decide which option best suits.

2. Click “Buy Now” button to proceed.

Step 3 – Sign Up (it’s free) or Login

3. How to Instructions Sign Up

There are three ways you can Sign Up or Login

1. Facebook

2. Google

3. By providing your name and email address and creating a password.

Step 4 – Enter the shipment details

5. How to Instructions Review

Enter your shipment details.

You will need the following information to enter your details:

  • The pick-up address and any special instructions on opening hours and finding it
  • The name of the person at the pick-up address, their email address and phone number
  • The delivery address and any special instructions on opening hours and finding it
  • The name of the person at the delivery address, their email address and phone number

In this step you can also purchase transit warranty insurance.

You must also accept our Terms and Conditions – No Dangerous Goods!

Step 5 – Pay by Direct Debit, PayPal or Credit Card

1. Receive confirmation of your Carrier.

2. Click the “PayPal” button to pay via Credit Card or PayPal. Click the “View Invoice” button to view your invoice and your Direct Debit payment instructions.

6.How to Instructions - Pay

Step 6 – Check your email. Your Booking Number and payment instructions are provided again there

We use email to communicate with you about your shipments, send you your labels, provide tracking updates and more.

Be sure to check your Inbox once you’ve completed your booking!

6. Email