CTO tackles Diversity and Technology with Innovative Presentation


Martyn Hann, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FreightExchange provided a presentation on integrating serverless computing as part of the Women In Tech Conference earlier this month. The 3-day conference aims to drive innovation across public and private sectors by increasing diversity.

With over 17 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics industry, Martyn is a co-founder of FreightExchange; an award winning startup positively disrupting Australia’s freight industry through innovation and technology.
Delighted to take time out of his busy schedule to attend the conference, Martyn was able to deliver valuable insight on how to drive change within your organisation. The talk focused on encouraging attendees to think differently to their IT infrastructure by moving away from servers to services and serverless technologies. This innovative change offers businesses better efficiency by only activating resources when required, helping to link IT spend to a transaction cost and removing the need to plan for capacity, as well as scalability.

But, why take such a keen interest in an event that is not only about technology but diversity also. Turns out that diversity in the logistics industry is a real challenge and is an area that Martyn and the team at FreightExchange feel strongly about.

“Speaking at Women In Tech not only helps share our startup knowledge and experience to help others but to encourage organisations to build the right conditions to encourage diversity. We are proud to have a 50% gender split and people from numerous backgrounds and cultures.

Technology and diversity are two key areas that are very important to me and I was pleased to represent FreightExchange at this year’s conference.”

Michelle Oliveira, Conference Director of Quest Events states: “Martyn’s speech on serverless computing was inspiring and offered attendees something different; a new outlook on their IT infrastructure. The Women in Tech conference is designed to help organisations examine the key trends driving change in ICT and build the skills to advance careers for executives within the tech sector. Martyn’s enthusiasm for technology definitely helped to do just that.”

Developed and launched in 2014, FreightExchange aims to deliver a simple, automated way for carriers to connect with shippers and manage their freight, all in one place – and by doing so, provide opportunities for waste reduction, cost efficiencies, revenue generation and sustainability to the industry.