Leading global logistics and supply chain solutions provider FreightExchange has unveiled its latest innovation with the introduction of their new CO2 emissions reporting tool, aimed at helping customers make more informed decisions on environmental outcomes and carbon emissions.

FreightExchange’s cloud-based, API-enabled platform uses a unique combination of logistics automation and freight transport aggregation software to allow customers to automatically match their freight needs to the right solutions, dramatically reducing costs and environmental impact. The company offers a comprehensive solution, handling everything from large freight to parcels.

The CO2 Reporting feature, accessible via a personalised dashboard on the platform, allows FreightExchange customers to monitor and analyse the CO2 emissions generated by their freight operations in real-time, encompassing all modes of transport. Data is presented through a variety of metrics, ensuring clarity and actionable insights for informed decision-making.

In a marketplace where sustainability considerations increasingly influence consumer choices, FreightExchange founder and CEO Cate Hull said emissions transparency was increasingly important for its customers.
Cate Hull - CEO FreightExchange
"Freight transportation is responsible for 12% of global CO2 emissions, and many of our customers prioritise the ability to quantify and mitigate the carbon footprint of their freight operations. Our cutting-edge technology equips them with the tools to enhance efficiency and accuracy by automating the ingestion, organisation, and reporting processes," she said.

"At FreightExchange, we remain steadfast in our commitment to customer-centric innovation. The integration of CO2 reporting capabilities into our platform underscores our dedication to meeting evolving customer needs and advancing environmental sustainability initiatives.”

The launch of the CO2 Reporting tool marks a significant milestone in FreightExchange's mission to empower customers with actionable insights and promote sustainable business practices. It comes as the company launches further upgrades to the platform to significantly increase the quoting speed and accuracy.

“Innovating with purpose, our CO2 Reporting tool symbolises our commitment to delivering not just logistics solutions, but sustainable impact. As we enhance speed and accuracy, we reaffirm our dedication to empowering businesses with the tools they need for a greener, more efficient future."

About FreightExchange

FreightExchange was founded in 2014 by Cate Hull. Responding to rigorous research conducted into hundreds of members of the Australian freight community, Cate could see the need to develop an online platform where carriers could sell unused space to shippers. In turn, shippers would have access to a real-time quoting and tracking system with significantly reduced prices. This innovative platform has since transformed the Australian freight industry, empowering both shippers and carriers to reduce waste and inefficiency, improve customer service, and bolster their bottom line.

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