Freight Management for an Online Retailer. A Case Study by FreightExchange.

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Our customer is a new online retailer shipping 10 to 20 consignments to business customers daily. The goods are distributed across Australia from over 20 locations, and their volumes are steadily increasing.

As an online business, our customers’ goal is to offer the best price and service. Low freight costs coupled with speed and reliability are essential to this. To deliver on their goal, they have accounts with five carriers, each with different delivery conditions, price lists and calculation methods. It’s a time consuming process comparing prices, tracking deliveries, reconciling and managing invoices and payments.

What we did

It was important for us to understand the freight management pain, and how they’d like to improve their business processes.

Then, we loaded the carrier rates onto their FreightExchange profile. Now, their freight manager could instantly compare prices for the deliveries across their current carriers.

We subsequently provided the capability to request quotes and make bookings via FreightExchange freight management system. Requests and bookings are made automatically via API’s integration with the carriers where available, and via email & SMS for the others. All quotes and bookings are presented on a single screen so they can track all of their freight in the one place.

Finally we integrated FreightExchange into their own online platform via an API, Now all of their freight can be booked and managed from their own online freight management system.

The result

We helped the company to decrease the time needed to manage the shipments. We reduced mistakes by automated the freight quoting, booking processes, simplified payment processes and integration with their ordering system.

As a result, OR were able to access the FreightExchange carrier network, allowing them to decrease the costs to unusual destinations by 32%.

We improved their freight management efficiency and minimized freight costs for shipments all over Australia.