Automated Freight Quotes via API Integration

Automated Freight Quotes via API Integration

You are able to integrate to FreightExchange to generate freight quotes from your own eCommerce platform via our API Integration.

We have set up a test environment so that you can start using the quoting API straight away!

What is API Integration

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are tools that make it possible to integrate software applications. While invisible to end users, APIs are essential for communication between programs. For more information on APIs check out the Essential Guide to API management and application integration.

But, what does it mean for me?

FreightExchange can generate quotes instantly from your own eCommerce platform with our API Integration. Taking the hassle of going backwards and forwards to get a price for your customer. This allows you to quickly provide a customer with the total price right there and then without having to get back to them later which may result in loss of business. This, in turn, is likely to increase your conversion rate, due to the efficient, accurate quote provided. This makes for a much happier customer as they know what they are getting, when and exactly how much for with no nasty surprises. It’s a win-win situation. Due to the integration freight quotations can be provided for regional destinations with accuracy and reducing risk and unnecessary costs.

Using our API integration offers many benefits by automating processes that take up a lot of staff time. The benefits allow for clearer insights into booking freight, better tracking – whether its end user or internally and there is transparency across the whole network if required. Those communications can then be sent to customers keeping them in the loop for any delivery updates.