How to Analyse Your Freight Costs

Analyse your freight costs

It’s Easy to Analyse Your Costs When All Your Freight Is In One Place

Over the past year the team at Freight Exchange have been on a mission is to deliver a simple, automated way for carriers to connect with shippers and manage their freight, all in one place. The online marketplace an instant service designed to efficiently manage all aspects of the booking and dispatch process for our network of long-haul transport carriers and our shippers.

Complex Contracts and Prices

We’ve been working with freight companies of all shapes and size to understand their contracts and pricing schedules to make sure we’re calculating the freight costs correctly.

Thank goodness we’ve spent years in freight and years in forensic accounting because now we’ve built a system that works with hundreds of carriers and we can very quickly, and very accurately check whether we’ve been charged correctly for cargo shipping.

Complex Freight Processes

We’ve also been working with hundreds of wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and exporters, to understand how we can save them time and money on managing their freight. Our customers are usually comfortable with the level of service they receive from carriers, but they typically have 5-10 different contracted carriers. It is time consuming to check they’re using the right carrier for the job, often the freight booking and monitoring processes are manual.

The rates you pay often rely on using carriers that specialise in different geographies and types of freight. There are thousands of carriers, making it’s difficult to benchmark costs.

Cost Benchmarking

Dreduce FreightSince our launch in April 2015, customers have been using FreightExchange to identify opportunities for savings by benchmarking their freight costs against the best* in the market. On average we’ve been able to save up to 25% on the cost of managing their freight.

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