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Container ship on the harbour

As a freight and logistics company, FreightExchange keeps an eye on what’s happening in our industry. This story from caught our attention:

South Korea eager to lead the way in autonomous ship market

When it comes to autonomous transportation, self-driving or autonomous cars backed by artificial intelligence, big data and lots of sensors springs to mind.

But the highly touted technology is not confined to land or air — autonomous driving is also one of the hot topics in the maritime industry, though it may take years or even decades for the advent of fully automated vessels.

South Korea, hailed as the No. 1 shipbuilder, may be lagging in the segment but increasingly looks to set sail for the nascent yet promising sector and to catch up to competitors like Europe, according to industry insiders.

“We’re already seeing progress in smart ship technology,” said Lee Jeong-Youl at the Digital Technology Center of the Korean Register, the nation’s classification society for ships and offshore structures. “Since not many countries can build high-quality ships, South Korea will eventually get there, but it’s a matter of who reaches there first.”

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