The Innovation Debate

Innovate Australia

I know its election time, so you may be thinking; is FreightExchange trying to promote politicians?

So I want to be clear – that’s not the purpose of this post.

I did want to update you on a very interesting conference I attended last week – The Innovation Debate at the University of Technology Sydney, hosted by Innovate Aus.

Angus Taylor MP and Ed Husic MP skilfully addressed a range of issues relating to the future of innovation, start-ups and digital transformation in the Australian landscape in the context of their party policies.

What was agreed is that innovation needs to extend beyond city borders (it was quoted 2/3 of start-ups come from Sydney) and into our regional and country areas – and that members of the city start up community should be advocates of innovation and impart this knowledge to country areas.

I have to say I agree entirely with that thinking, and my team and myself have been speaking to many of our customers delivering to and from regional and rural Australia over the past few months. From our research, we are pleased to announce some changes to our business in order to address this important sector.

You may have noticed our website looks a little different, as we have improved our offering to make it easier for you to ship unusual, large, small or multiple shipments to out of the way places. And that’s just the start.

One of our key customers, Frank Oscan of Oscan Transport is already benefiting from our easy to use freight platform and is reaping the benefits of improved productivity, sales and service to regional and rural areas. We had a great chat to Frank recently. You can read about this here.

Oh, and many thanks to Ed Husic MP, for mentioning us and our involvement in Telstra’s muru-D accelerator last year. We are really pleased to be assisting customers across industry and have more great plans in the pipeline – so keep your eye out.

If you would like to check out our new look and feel click here.