Transporting Cars Interstate

transporting cars

We often get asked about transporting cars interstate. Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

  • Most car transport carriers require that your car be empty of all personal items, including tools.
  • Insurance to the value of $50-60,000 is usually included in the quoted price, but you should always check.
  • Even though insurance is included in the quoted price, we recommend that you have your own insurance on the vehicle as well.
  • The clearance for the standard car transport company is 13.5cm. Anything under this will require a specialised loading and unloading facilities.
  • Car transport companies have depots in most major cities and typically quote “depot to depot”
  • They will deliver “door to door” for additional fees.
  • All cars must be in working order with brakes and engine all roadworthy, otherwise a specialised company will need to move it.
  • Any damage on the vehicle most be noted at the time of booking with pics supplied otherwise some companies will not load the car if not booked correctly.

As with all freight transport, you should never assume anything so be sure to get the key information in writing.