Mentoring UNSW Startups on Growth Techniques

Freightexchange industry expert

Cate Hull, CEO of FreightExchange provided a talk on business metrics to startups as part of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Startup Launch program last month. The entrepreneur development program aims to support businesses at different stages of the startup journey, aided by industry experts.

Cate has years of experience in data driven business processes and is a co-founder of FreightExchange; an award winning startup positively disrupting Australia’s freight industry through innovation and technology. The talk focused specifically on useful business, marketing and product metrics as well as the value and necessity of measurement across the business. During the session, the startups were able to interact and gain valuable insights into their next business phase.

Joshua Flannery, Head of Startup Programs, Division of Enterprise, UNSW Sydney said: “Being an MBA graduate from UNSW, Cate generously donated her time to return and share her knowledge with our young entrepreneurs. Cate focused on the thought process behind growth hacking, showing that you can have a data or process-driven approach even to things like pitching or any business decision. It was a great insight for the startups to have so early in their businesses and I’m sure they’ll be using the framework Cate kindly provided.”

Developed and launched in 2014, FreightExchange aims to deliver a simple, automated way for carriers to connect with shippers and manage their freight, all in one place – and by doing so, provide opportunities for waste reduction, cost efficiencies, revenue generation and sustainability to the industry.
Having learnt many lessons along the way Cate says, “I strongly believe in giving back to the startup community and it’s thanks to opportunities like the startup Launch that I can pass my experiences and knowledge on.”