Supporting Startups


Supporting Startups

We met Paul Fletcher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications recently. He was researching the benefits of corporates supporting startups in preparation for the announcement of the small business incentives in the 2015 federal budget.

Here’s what Paul Fletcher had to say about FreightExchange.

“I had the opportunity to speak to the CEOs of a number of businesses at muru-D—for example, the founder of Freight Exchange. This is a digital marketplace that enables long-distance freight carriers to connect seamlessly with their customers to sell their excess capacity. There is Disrupt, a business that is selling custom-made surfboards using 3D modelling—all delivered through digital sales channels. Both of these CEOs spoke very positively about the benefits their businesses have enjoyed from participating in the muru-D accelerator program. This trend of large corporates supporting start-ups is very much to be encouraged.”

We support initiatives to help small business, so read the rest of the speech in Parliament.