We’ve been Googled – and we like it

Google Demo Day


By Cate Hull

On Sept. 20, FreightExchange will be one of 10 finalists presenting at the Google Demo Day Asia in Shanghai, China.

We were fortunate to be selected as one of 10 finalists in the Google-sponsored event that gives startup companies the chance to present before a panel of leaders from Google Entrepreneurs and investment houses Sequoia Capital China and Venturra Capital.

We were selected among a field of more than 300 applicants for this opportunity. Since we are expanding to Southeast Asia, this represents a strategic opportunity. We will be presenting alongside startups from Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Korea.

When Martyn Hann and I founded the company in 2014, we hoped we would be making these kinds of strides.

A strong showing in Shanghai will translate into additional support from the investment community as well as other incentives from Google.

Google has sponsored similar events in the United States and Europe, but this is their first such event in Asia.

Our signature FreightDesk platform automates the movement of goods. With FreightDesk, shippers and receivers can connect orders, inventory, warehouses and carriers to move freight seamlessly. This type of technology is the future of freight management. We foresee a time when artificial intelligence-assisted systems move freight around the world in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

We live in a global economy where products are manufactured and transported to customers around the globe.

Our mission is to make the movement of those shipments as seamless and effortless as possible.

Cate Hull is the CEO of FreightExchange, a freight management company based in Sydney.