Complex Freight Needs and Manual Processes

Hudson Pacific was transforming their intrastate and regional distribution network. They had acquired customers in a new region and needed to extend their network of local and long-haul cold chain transport carriers for the transport of full truckloads (FTL), less than truckloads (LTL), and local deliveries. 

The company needed to move fast to change how they delivered frozen goods to bakeries and stores in regional Australia but:

  • The existing processes were manual and error-prone
  • They had no visibility of goods in transit and no centralised way to manage outgoing and incoming orders
  • Their customers had no visibility of when orders were shipped and scheduled to arrive

Multi-Carrier Cold Chain Automation

FreightExchange helped Hudson Pacific to create a nationwide network of cold chain carriers to deliver frozen food to stores and bakeries across Australia. We set up the platform to manage all shipments and improve their DIFOT (delivered in full, on time) performance.

Hours a Day Saved on Admin

By partnering with FreightExchange, Hudson Pacific team were able to achieve:

  • Time savings: The Hudson Pacific logistics team saved 3 hours a day by automating and streamlining manual processes
  • Cost savings: By having a broader network of carriers, Hudson Pacific was able to consolidate orders to stores and save over 8% on freight transport costs
  • Visibility: The FreightExchange freight management system provided 100% transparency over freight costs and all deliveries
  • DIFOT: Hudson Pacific improved their DIFOT to 98%