Fragmented International Booking & Lack of Carrier Variety

All 3PL’s have to be able to dispatch to multiple customer requests and requirements which requires a versatile multi-carrier solution to streamline consignments. Prior to using FreightExchange, their current WMS required interfacing with multiple carriers and their current system was unable to accommodate this workflow. Further, the manual booking and volume of consignments were taking too much time from Ligentia, and the lack of options in other carriers only overburdened workflows. In short, there was a lot of manual work and everything required double validation.

Domestic & International Multi-Carrier Automation

With FreightExchange, they were able to provide customers with their own accounts and the ability to select from multiple international carriers when booking assignments. FreightExchange became a centralised platform that enabled Ligentia to fully operate in the cloud, giving them more capacity and flexibility in assisting current customers and new ones as well. From automating the flow of shipments using complex business rules to giving job level or SKU level visibility, FreightExchange’s data centric solution was implemented to give Ligentia and it’s customer end to end visibility in real-time.

Streamlined & Customer Focussed

  • Increased Efficiency: By switching to FreightExchange, Ligentia’s China (APAC) customers were serviced and provided clear visibility with Ligentia’s offshore operations. Cutting out the manual labour cost and increasing work capacity for Ligentia’s employee.
  • Power to the customer: Using FreightExchange as their central booking platform for all their customers, this provided customers with the power to choose their carrier’s that matched their price and delivery expectancy. Giving customers full flexibility, while allowing them to print labels automatically.
  • Better Customer Service: With FreightExchange as the centre for all consignment bookings, any updates, problems or delays can be easily accessed through FreightExchange’s booking page. Quickly pin point and connect with customer’s needs and request.
  • Cost savings: Reducing manual work and removing extra costs by spreading shipments across a variety of larger carriers integrated with FreightExchange allowed Ligentia to reduce cost and increase revenue.