Harding Performance’s Challenges When Shipping Automotive Parts

Due to the diverse nature of its shipments, Harding Performance faced many logistical difficulties. It ships packages of many varying sizes, which requires it to use a variety of different carriers.

For larger items, they relied on Toll and TNT, while smaller packages were best handled by CouriersPlease. 

Managing this huge range of different carriers and obtaining quotes through different processes was time-consuming and inefficient, often leading to delays and increased costs.

The FreightExchange Solution

FreightExchange was able to significantly improve Harding Performance’s logistics operations by implementing our robust and user-friendly platform. Here’s how we addressed their challenges:

  • Centralised Quoting System: The FreightExchange platform enabled Harding Performance to receive quotes from multiple carriers in one place. This consolidated approach saved them valuable time and also made it much easier for them to compare and select the best shipping options.
  • Enhanced Pickup Options: Harding Performance found great success with CouriersPlease's option for same-day pickup, an upgrade from their previous service, which was next day at the earliest. In the fast-paced environment of automotive parts, this feature significantly enhanced their operational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities: FreightExchange’s advanced filtering capabilities, including the ability to filter by carrier, postcode, and other criteria, were of great benefit to Harding Performance. This functionality simplified the tracking of shipments and provided easy access to proof of delivery, thereby improving their overall logistics management.

Moving Forward Together

FreightExchange has enabled Harding Performance to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings by addressing their specific logistical challenges and providing tailored solutions. 

At FreightExchange, we empower businesses like Harding Performance to overcome logistical hurdles and achieve their operational goals. As Harding Performance continues to grow and expand, we are excited to continue to contribute to its success.

Looking to Optimise Your Automotive Parts Delivery?

Thanks to FreightExchange, automotive businesses like Harding Performance can elevate customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty by ensuring parts are received and distributed on time. A satisfying customer experience often results in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

By embracing software like FreightExchange, businesses can optimise their operations, reduce downtime and costs, and deliver superior customer service. Automotive sector jobs such as mechanics thrive on repeat customers, and real-time tracking ensures that they can keep their promises and meet customer expectations.

Want to learn more? contact FreightExchange or get a free quote to start your freight revolution today.