Out-Dated Supply Process & No Digital Solution

The Perth Mint had outdated supply chain processes and lacked digital sales channels. It was time to upgrade the systems to support a more efficient back office. They identified the need for an integrated and powerful freight management system with the ability to consolidate orders and consign orders seamlessly direct to the customer from multiple locations.

A Digital Overhaul

Perth Mint adopted FreightExchange as their cloud-based freight management software solution. FreightExchange partnered with The Perth Mint to ensure the solution was seamlessly integrated with their e-commerce portal and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We also integrated with the couriers and specialised carriers to minimise any double handling when shipping orders to investors. The solution provided Perth Mint customers and team members with greater transparency via real-time order tracking, consignment consolidation, automated labels, and customs documentation.

An Integrated Control Tower

Online and Systems Integration: FreightExchange allowed Perth Mint to streamline their fulfilment processes and now dispatch and track all orders online via Microsoft Dynamic 365 and eCommerce platform integrations. The quoting and invoicing integrations allowed finance teams to cross-reference figures and accurately remedy billing issues as they arose.

Increased Efficiency: FreightExchange helped provide consolidation and automated label generation, removing hours of manual work and adding capacity for workers.

Real-time Visibility: Perth Mint gained visibility over every order and can now track when shipments are booked, packed, shipped and delivered. A Perth Mint branded tracking portal ensures that all movements and updates are instantly available to customers, improving trust and transparency at every step.